Deerly Beloved Documentary

Please Help Us To Save The Baby Deer Of Ohio With Our Documentary

We will be documenting the story of Trooper, a three-legged deer and a courageous group of people that are trying to get a bill passed (Trooper's HB#267) in the state of Ohio to save orphaned fawns from an instant death sentence. The budget has been cut and cut with many of people working for free as a labor of love. Yet, even with their generous donation of time, there are still many costs that cannot be avoided. Camera and sound rental, travel and lodging, insurance, editing, artwork, website, color corrections, music, titles, licenses and deliverables; all of these costs and more will need to be covered so that we can tell this story properly. All of the money that is being generated from this store will go directly towards the production of our documentary, so we hope you'll find LOTS of items that you LOVE and want to buy! 

But documentaries are expensive to make. We have lots of great rewards for our donors and hope you will also find it in your heart to donate today. To learn more and/or to donate, please visit our fundraiser page. We'll keep you posted every step of the way! We're going to get this story out there! 

All proceeds from the sales on this site go towards the funding of our documentary. If you do not find something that you would like to purchase but still would like to help, please donate here:

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Baby Trooper